Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Did You Agree To? Introduction..

Here at making Sense of It. Law and Life, I talk about issues in their isolation. Over the last few weeks a number of people have asked questions that relate, but cant be answered in the same segment.

I have decided to start my first article series. Over the next few articles we will discuss different things you as a general consumer and life liver, agree too without realising it.

The purpose of these articles is to show some of the surprising things you agree to when you sign the dotted line.

Do you know what binding arbitration is? What is indemnify mean? Why is liability limited to a strange amount like $25? What is a selective jurisdiction clause? What does assignment mean?

All these questions could have an impact on your contract decisions. But you don't really know what they mean. But when you agree to them, you are bound by them.

Here we will walk through them. A new one every day or so. Feel free to comment your own questions., and I will try to get to them.

All information will be generic common law. That means it applies conceptually to places like Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, and US.

Local law will and I can not emphasis this enough, it WILL have its own twists. But the concepts will help you start to think about the issue in the proper way.

Tomorrow I will talk about what arbitration is.

Until then I will leave you with a rhetorical question.

How many times have you actually asked a company what a provision in a contract meant?

Until Tomorrow.


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